Food parcels

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I am one of the people the U.K. government identifies as extremely vulnerable and at risk.

Because of my status 3 weeks ago they started to send a weekly food parcel to me, something I was extremely grateful for, the panic buying and the mad charge to the shop by all the selfish wankers out there meant that at forst I couldn’t get anywhere near a shop and when I finally did there really wasn’t very much left for me.

So these parcels really helped, however in the last week the situation has improved, shops are easier for me to get to and when I do they have stuff on the shelves I need, so yesterday 13/4/20 was my 3rd food parcel delivery and straight afterwards I went onto the gov.uk website and cancelled any future ones.

There was a temptation to carry on receiving them, however it just didn’t sit right with me, these are for the really needy and in the last 10 days my situation has meant I am no longer one of those needy..

Steve Woodmore

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