Facebook’s latest silliness.

I have been banned for impersonating myself.

Facebook has totally lost the plot now.

Tonight they have restricted my account for impersonating someone famous. ????????

They won’t actually tell me who it is I am supposed to be impersonating though.

I don’t know anyone famous by the the name of “Steve Woodmore” and when I google it the only “Steve Woodmore” of note that comes up is me with my world record, surely Facebook don’t think I am impersonating myself? nah, that can’t be, that would be silly beyond words.

The only other thing I can think it could possibly be is my profile picture, for all of my life my nickname has been “Woody” at school it was “Woody Woodpecker” in fact I even have a Woody woodpecker tattooed on my arm.

This was my profile picture

Surely not, surely Facebook don’t think I am impersonating a cartoon character? that can’t be? and if it is what about all the people with Football club badges as their profile pictures? or other things like a picture of a cat? surely Facebook don’t think I am impersonating a cartoon?

I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this

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