Facebook Groups

Specifically Facebook local community groups.

There is just something about local community groups that attracts the most toxic of people, I am and have been a member of the local community groups where I grew up and lived in the past, I may not live there now but sometimes it’s just nice to touch base with these places and local community groups should be the place to do that.

Sadly over the years I have left most of them because of the toxic people in them, the people who can’t do anything other than hate, moan or bitch.

They just love tearing an OP ( Opening or Original Poster) apart and in most it’s almost like some modern version of throwing Christians to the Lions where the admin of a group are happy to let an OP get rips to shreds for the amusement of the mob.

Then there are the venter posters, the ones that are annoyed about something and just want to vent but don’t realise just how unrealistic their posts are “To the blue car that sounded it’s horn at 11:05 last night” “To the man I caught on my video doorbell letting his dog shit on my drive” these people almost invite the haters to gang up on them and tell them how unrealistic they are, they fail to grasp what the poster is really doing and they actually think the poster is trying to communicate with the person they are posting about.

The golden rule in the groups is NEVER, EVER mention school run parents who drive 500m to get their kids to school in any sort of bad light, don’t do it, don’t you dare, I have warned you and if you ignore that advice on your own head be it cos they patrol these groups in packs and they are vicious.

Another rule is never mention or expect anyone to accept any sort of personal responsibility in these groups, it’s always someone else’s fault, always. I remember a thread once where my local village had an exceptionally busy day and the local rubbish bins became so full you couldn’t put any more in them, so what did people do? did they take their rubbish home with them? did they find alliterative place to put it? Nope, they just threw it down beside the bin, the village looked like a bomb had hit it and pictures of the litter and the people littering started to appear in the local community group.. OMG you should have seen them “It’s not my fault, the council should have emptied the bins” “There should be more bins” “I’m not going to carry my litter with me” “I put it near the bin, that’s the same isn’t it”

These people just couldn’t grasp they were littering, in their minds they it wasn’t their fault in any way, and yes, the council did empty the bins, several time but it was an unprecedented day for visitors and they got overwhelmed, but people would not accept personally responsibility for their rubbish, it was always someone else fault.

You get people who just spam them with constant adverts for businesses that have a vague connection to the area, over and over again.

Also people who are on a mission to put a local shop out of business for the smallest of sleights, these people really have lost all grip on reality. “Never go to Sheila’s Coffee shop, they are disgusting rip-off merchants, I purchased a Coffee and it was was like warm and not only that it cost 2x what it does in Costa” Call me silly but if that happened to me I would just get them to make me another one and next time I would just go to Costa, I wouldn’t harbour a grudge and let it fester until I got home then rant about it on Facebook.

Another time someone had a right go about how strawberries in one shop were far more expensive then they were in Sainsbury’s, this really is a simple problem with a simple solution..but them from Sainsbury’s then.

Politics and anything political will always degenerate into a fight with people flouncing or being thrown out of a group

This is the world of Facebook local community groups, there is no community, just lots of individuals with their own agendas.

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