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Live streaming on Reddit

I have done two live streams on Reddit both times they lasted for over 3 hours and both times I was using the experience to gauge what resonates with people that watch me.

I discovered Reddit 6 weeks back and I had to wait 4 weeks and get 125 karma points before I could live stream on Reddit.

You get Karma points for posting and commenting, the idea is you give back before you take if that makes sense; you can’t actually broadcast until you’ve proven that you’re willing to become a member of the community and the four weeks grace period plus 125 karma points you need shows this commitment.

These rules apply to anybody that wants to broadcast so it is an anti-spam measure it stops people from coming on posting and running on flooding the site with spam which people will do if given the chance

The theme

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The title of my stream is “I am immunocompromised and stuck at home come and chat with me

I am used to working an audience, it is something I have done many times over the years with a lot of personal appearances, so I know roughly what it is that they want from me when I reveal that I’m the world’s fastest talker.

However sometimes they discover it before I mention it and other times, I must mention it to get the conversation going because the way I like to do it is to take my cues from the watchers, I like them to tell me what they want me to chat about.

I have some fallback chat that I can start just talking with which I do, I have two life experiences, I have my cancer which I can talk for hours about, and I have my world’s fastest talker world record which again I can talk for hours about.

On both streams I decided to start with the cancer, the immunosuppression and how I am shielding at home and have been for the last 2 years.

The chat

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It started with a few people chatting to me and just generally asking me about whether I’d really been a self-imposed prisoner in my own home for the last two years, so I talked about that and what I see is the future which is me not going out anywhere except for medical appointments, I have a funny feeling this virus will be with us for a long time probably endemic like the common cold which means I’m going to have to keep away from people. I spoke about the decisions that I’ve got ahead of me whether I have to struggle to go back out to work and possibly risk dying of COVID or stay at home and be poor because I’ve had a lot of my benefits cut, we also touched on various other subjects. Somebody else asked if I was religious and I’m not so I replied that I was a quizzical agnostic and they asked me what that was and I said well the klu Klux Klan put crosses in people’s front garden and set fire to them and instead I do it with question marks. I don’t think they got the joke there so and I explained that I wasn’t religious at all and a couple of people asked me how I live with cancer and I explained that I just do, it; it is what it is and I just carry on carrying on apparently I’ve got I’ve got an amazing attitude.

The tangents

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Somebody else asked me about American gun control I mean why they would ask somebody British about American gun control? It’s something that just amazes me I guess; it’s because we don’t have guns or we do have guns but I explained it it’s different, it’s a different kind of society here we’re not all gun crazy we don’t need to have guns, yes I explained that we had two hope high profile massacres; the Hungerford massacre in the 1980s which meant the end of owning assault weapons and then the Dunblane massacre in the 90s where automatic weapons and revolvers were outlawed. I tried to explain that realistically we have a sort of voluntary gun control, contrary to popular belief we can own guns but as a populace the vast majority of us choose not to. The law is if you want to own a shotgun or a long rifle you must show a need for one, self-defence is not considered a need. I live in a city, I live in London; why would I need a gun in London? there is no reason for me to have a gun if you dismiss self-defence and I’m not going to hunt anything, the biggest wild animal in this country is a fox so there’s nothing really to hunt and because nobody else has got guns I don’t need a gun, it’s a different culture, completely different gun culture here to what is in America so I don’t feel qualified to speak on American gun control apart from the fact that it’s probably our, the British’ fault that the right to bear arms exist because if my history serves me correctly it was part of the American constitution which was formed after they kicked the British out and the whole reason for having a well-armed militia, I think that’s the phrase in the constitutional, well armed militia was in case we came back and they have ready army on hand to defend their homeland. So yeah you could say realistically the American gun culture is our fault but other than that I’m not really qualified to speak on their gun culture; it’s their country their gun culture; I can only see it from the outside what I see does horrify me but that’s the way it is.

Then we got talking about my world records and I showed a couple of videos and that’s how the conversations have gone and I’ve managed to fill three hours.

We we’re talking about this and that an it just seemed like the three hours just flew past, we touched on the beer I was drinking with a discussion about real ale we had some discussions about regional accents in the UK and apparently there’s no accents in Eritrea.

The time just evaporated

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And it just it was just amazing at how quickly the three hours went, it’s a novel experience to say the least and I quite enjoy it.

It did leave me very worn out but that’s what happens I guess I’m going to try again tonight at after 9 o’clock this time coz I want to try it different times of day in different hours of the day to see which works.

Apparently at that time I’m going to be competing with the guitar and drum players, now the guitar and drum players get a lot of viewers but I don’t mind only getting a few I’m just going to be me and do what I need to do and worry about what I need to worry about and not what others do.

This is all part of brand “Woody” and the first step in a long process to build a social media presence and following.

One of my Reddit livestreams


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