I went back to school

To be more accurate I started a college course “Adobe photography pack, Lightroom Classic and Photoshop”

Since I have now stopped being an Uber driver I need an alternative income or at the very least a “job” of sorts. My health precludes from working for any employer so that leaves me working for myself.

I can’t go back to online retail as that is actually very hard work packing and dispatching what could sometimes be over 150 packets in a day. This means I have to find a job that is suitable for me and deskbound, in other words one where I don’t expend any energy.. does that job even exist? Yes, I think so, I think I know what I am going to try and do.

I am going to try to earn a living on youTube being an “Educator” by making tutorials about the things I know and love. For instance I love Photoshop and use it quite a bit but I don’t know all I need to know about it, I have never used lightroom, so again I need to know more about it.

Hence the college course, it’s a 10 week course with graduation in December just before Christmas. It started last Tuesday and it really is like being back at school because I had to give the tutor a late note lol.
My start at college clashed with an important PET-Scan I needed, neither could be rearranged and as the scan was the most important of the two then that won. My course started at 14:00 and my PET scan was at 12:30, in a ideal world I could have had my scan and it would be tight but I could get back for 14:00.
So I turned up for my scan to be told they were running about an hour late.. meh…as it happened it was nearer 90 minutes late. I finally got back here at 15:30 over 90 minutes late for class.
Because of COVID-19 the courses are all now done online with MS Teams which is a good thing, after apologising for being late the tutor informed me ( I emailed her the night before to tell her I might be late) that she had recorded the whole lesson for me and I could watch it back at my leisure.

As it turns out there had been a technical issue anyway and I hadn’t actually missed that much, but thanks to the recording I have now caught up with everything including doing my homework, yup it really is like school. I actually learnt quite a lot about Lightroom Classic and also realised each very much like Adobe bridge in it’s cataloguing functions so at the moment I see it as a cross between bridge and Photoshop but with non destructive editing. Well that’s my college adventure started, I’ll let you know how I get on.

Steve Woodmore

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