E-commerce storefront.

I’m starting to put together an E-commerce website on the VPS. I forgot just how labourious and slow it was to get a catalogue of products up and running from scratch.

I opted for a WordPress site with Woocommerce for the storefront

If I am honest I am torn between carrying on with it today ot poking my eyes out with a rusty spoon it’s that boring. But I will persevere, little and often I guess.

The site is actually live including a fully functioning shopping cart which accepts all credit cards and G-pay. It will accept paypal as well as soon as I get around to sorting out the API.
Ironically Even after I stopped trading on eBay some 5 years ago now I kept m,y paypal business account open and in fact several times over the years I have started to close it but never quite got around to doing it completely.

This means I have a fully functioning business paypal set up and can take all payments and cards without any set or fuss all I need to do is request use of the API from paypal which I will do later this week.

I have eye-strain now so I am going to stop for the day and play some games instead. ????

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