Driving Through lockdown London

A timelapse video made during the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions

Probably my last job as a PHV driver, a run out to London Heathrow airport.
It’s probably my last job because my yearly Hire and Reward insurance policy is now up for renewal and the new one for another year is going to cost £3466. Because the work hasn’t been there during the restrictions I haven’t earned the money to pay for it. Ce la vie.

Anyway we start in South East London and drive into the centre on the A20 which during normal times is a very busy road and very slow traffic speed, we then drive through the centre to pick up the A4 which takes us out to Heathrow.

The return journey is the same until we get to Hyde Park Corner where normally we would turn off and go towards Victoria, however we take the piccadilly underpass to go through a part of London we didn’t see on the way out.

Once we get back to Trafalgar square instead of heading towards Parliament to cross at Westminster Bridge for the A20 we go to the City of London and the East End to cross back over the River at Woolwich.

Anyone who is even remotely familiar with London will understand just how quiet these areas are compared to how they were.

Steve Woodmore

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