Dr Google

Checking your symptoms via google is a very dangerous thing.

Since I became ill I have had loads of medical stuff that’s been done to me and loads of different meads to take.
Now I am not one to just blindly allow things to be done to my body nor do I just take tablets without reading the patient leaflet or using Google to check out what they do and what the side effects are.

Therein lies the danger, especially if you are checking your symptoms. Google as a repository of knowledge is an incredible thing but it’s also a minefield, it’s a minefield because you can make your symptoms fit almost any illness you want them to and if you are not careful you can end up misdiagnosing yourself.


As an example for years I have suffered from night cramps in my lower legs which TBH was starting to make my life a bit of a misery as it was interrupting my sleep so much so I decided to google all of my symptoms, every search I did the top results always came back to the same things.
Either I had the beginnings of Parkinsons Disease or Multiple Sclerosis :O

No matter how many different ways I searched it came back to these 2 things, as you can imagine it was a bit of a worry and I could see how easily someone could actually convince themselves that they possibly could have had one of these awful conditions.

Luckily I am not that sort of person and stated digging a bit deeper and soon realised that whilst my symptoms were indicative of both conditions I have none of the other symptoms of these conditions so I searched again this time ignoring the top pages of results which would have me having these conditions only to discover that I might have several even more weird and bizarre diseases so I gave up with google as I would have convinced myself I was seriously ill.

Turns out my problem was a simple one of magnesium deficiency which google agreed with only after I searched for “night cramps and magnesium

Google is a great reference tool but you should never use it to replace a trained Doctor with.

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