Doing the gardens

I got up and looked at my front garden, or yard as the Americans call it.
Then I looked at my back garden.

What a fucking mess they are both in.
Nothing short of Jungles I think.

My front garden in need of some TLC
My Front garden
My back garden

Both myself and my partner are in out 60’s and I am in poor health so we just don’t have the energy to keep on top of things, that said it’s probably about a year since we last touched the garden.

My kids do help out, as do my grandchildren but they all have their own families and their own lives so the help they can give is very limited.

Attacking the front garden

That was how I put it to her “let’s attack the gardens then” because to me it really feels like I am going to war, nature wants to overrun my garden and I don’t want her to.

I lubs my Ryobi one+ tools and I have a few including a cordless strimmer. This one to be precise.

So with a fully charged battery away I go.
It’s hard work for me, I struggle to walk any more than 25m so doing anything that involved walking or standing as Strimming does means I got worn out out in a matter of minutes.
So it’s work for a few minutes then a little break then work again, what take a healthy person around an hour takes me 2-3 hours. But we both went at it as best we could and after a couple of hours the front garden looked like this.

Working on it

At this point I trimmed the hedge as well, I love Ryobi cordless tools and last year I purchased the cordless hedge trimmer it however has been the only Ryobi tool I have really been disappointed with, it just didn’t have the bollocks to trim my hedge and kept jamming all the time.
I sent it back to Amazon and nipped down to my local DIY store (B&Q) and purchased their cheapest mains one which actually turns out to be a good trimmer and tackled the hedge with ease.

After another hour so strimming and my partner weeding we managed to get the garden looking something like normal.

Getting there

Once my partner had cleared the weeds from the central planter and I had strimmed the grass back to a reasonable level it was time to get the lawnmower out, yes another Ryobi cordless tool. (Told ya, I love Ryobi tools) and give it a final trim.

All done

It took the pair of us the whole day to do this but we finally had out front garden back, sort of.
We still have a little work to do, there is an encroachment of wild bamboo that needs to be dealt weed and lots of weeds and crap under the window to sort out but they can be gradually done over the next few weeks, the back of the job has been broken.

The back Garden

We decided to tackle the back garden the next day

As you can see there is so much that needs doing, it hasn’t been worked on for at least 2 years now probably longer.

I am 61 with cancer and lung disease my partner is 60 and suffering from arthritis this is going to be hard wiork for the pair of us and yes, I am ashamed I let it get into this state but I really haven’t been too well for the last 2 years.

We begin

Well we made a start.

The central lawn

After a lot of effort with constant breaks I managed to get the central lawn strimmed to a reasonable level.

We have the lawn back

And finally with the help of my Ryobi One+ cordless lawnmower.

We finally have the central back at a more manageable level, probably not the right order in which to do things but I have my children and grandchildren coming over for the day to help us do the garden and they’ll need some where to sit.

What you are seeing is the cumulation of 2 and half days work

I’ll let you know how we get on with the rest of this jungle in further posts.

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