Disabled Facilities Grant PT1

Back in Jan 2021 I contacted my local council (London Borough of Bromley) for a “needs assessment”
within a week they sent round an occupational therapist who did a “holostic” assessment.

Her report stated that I would benefit from having my main bathroom converted to a wetroom and a stair lift should be installed to make it easier to sleep upstairs and use the new wetroom.

She also suggested I should apply for a ‘disabled facilities grant’ which would cover some of the costs, we duly applied and waitied.

Grant granted

In June heard that the grant had been granted and we were going to get 100% funding for

Stair lift

Bathroom converted to wetroom

Closomat automatic toilet

Rear garden level access area.

Altogether around £12,000 worth of improvements and the local council was going to fund it all.

The work begins

I should have got some “before” video but TBH I didn’t think about doing that, which of course is a bit silly really, if I am to be a blogger then I really need capture every part of my life.

Anyway I did get some video of the work as they were doing it so here is my upstairs bathroom 2 days into the conversion.

Luckily I have another bathroom and shower we can use whilst all this work is going on or I think we might have had some personal hygiene issues.

As you can see they have ripped the bath and sink out so without the other bathroom personal hygiene would have been a major issue.
They have put the plumbing in for the new shower and the new sink and also added the shower drainer.

By day 3 things were really coming along and it was starting to look quite good

Just after I filmed this they decided to stay on a bit longer and get the shower and new toilet in which is a “Closomat” automatic wash toilet.
By the end of day 4 the bathroom was finished apart from a few cosmetic touches.

Day 5 they put the final cosmetic touches in and it was all finished.
The new toilet is fantastic, it5’s automatic which means after I have done my business I use my elbow to press the flush then if I keep it there for 10 seconds or longer it rinses my rear with warm for as long as i hold the button in. Once I release the button it then blow dries me with warm air.
It makes taking a dump a very interesting and slightly pleasurable experience.

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