Day trip into London.

Chislehurst, the village I live in has been part of Greater London since 1968.
The thing is whenever I need to go into Central London I and many others always say “We are going up London” which is really silly because like I said since 1968 we have been a part of London.

A rare day out.

I had cause the other week to go right into the centre of town, Gt Marlborough St in fact and in doesn’t come any more central than that because it’s in Soho.

Back in 1976-1996 I used to work in Soho and so I would commute there every day and having been born and bred in London, London holds no fear for me, however Covid-19 and my health have meant many things have changed.


I have an incurable cancer, Follicular Lymphoma and I am currently on active treatment so I am immunosuppressed, I also have a 2nd incurable (yay lucky me) disease Bronchiectasis, between these 2 conditions and the pandemic I have had to keep well away from people as I am classed as “Clinically Extremely Vulnerable” (CEV) and even the slightest infection can have major consequences for me.

A day out

I had no choice but to go into the centre of town, well I did have a choice I could have stayed at home, but long must I keep myself locked up in my self imposed prison?

How things have changed.

I left home right at the start of the traditional “Rush Hour” and was dreading being among all those commuters, I got a bus to the local railway station and then got my very first surprise.

There were no people at the station, in times past this would have been packed with people the difference was amazing.
I only had to wait a few minutes for my train and again what a surprise

No people, wow what a difference this pandemic has really made.

I made it to London Bridge station where I changed to the tube ( this journey in a wheelchair is not easy, I have a folding lightweight wheelchair which makes things easier.

After a bit of a struggle with the lifts I got on my train

I had to change trains at Westminster and once again more fun and games with the lifts.
I don’t care what mayor Khan says, London Transport really isn’t very disabled friendly at all.

I eventually reached Oxford Circus tube station and once again more fun with lifts but from there it was only a short journey to Gt Marlborough St something my wheelchair can easily do.

Coming back home was pretty much the same.

Not the most exciting of posts from me but after being in “prison” for 18 months it made such a nice change to get out and about.

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