Current State of Play

State of play

I really should make the time to write a blog entry every now and again.

TBH the time just seems to evaporate, the last entry I made here was May 21st.

The problem is my health, at the moment it’s up and down like a whore’s underwear, I have good days and I have bad days. On the good days I tend to fill them up with doing lots of other things and forgetting all about my blog :/

A quick diet update

Firstly my diet, well that’s gone right out of the window, for the last few months I have been on high dose steroids to control the splenic pain, every time the Dr’s try to ween me off of them the pain comes back, I am about due to try a ween again this month, hopefully more successful than other times when I have tried it.

The downside is that steroids give me a massive appetite and cause me to eat like a horse. In Sept 2021 I was 125 Kg and made a determined effort to lose weight which I did by dieting and I got down to almost 80Kg and I just weighed myself and I am up to 94Kg

I need to come off these steroids and get back to losing wright again, 94Kg is way too heavy.

One thing that will help is that finally after a nearly 6 month break I have been able to go back swimming again, I restarted that this week so that is the first step to losing some of this excess weight.

I have an appointment with my haematologist this week so hopefully we will start to wean me off steroids from that appointment.

Going out, out.

I have had my 5th Covid vaccination which is 3 primary vaccinations and 2 booster vaccinations combined with the current dominant strain of Covid being a less virulent one than what we had in 2020 I have once again started to venture out, with care I might add.

These trips out including going to a local pub once a week as well as venturing further afield like going into central London to make 360 and Tour videos.

For the last few weeks I have been busy editing all my videos and uploading them to YouTube and now I am going back to the eldest ones and writing blog posts about them

Going Forward

So that’s my plan for this blog, to go back to some of the videos I made a few moths back and start blogging about them and including them in posts here and then hopefully in a few weeks both my YouTube and this blog will be in sync so I can blog about a video as I upload it.

I’ve restarted my exercising and will be going back on the diet, I will also be blogging about some of the issues I face as a wheelchair user.

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