Crumpets, my favourite breakfast.

2 crumpets popped in the toaster until they are just going brown then spread with proper full fat butter for me is the perfect start to the day.

The good news is that as long as you don’t go silly the butter then 2 crumpets and spread with 10g of butter between them is around 271 calories.

What’s a crumpet?

Homemade Grilled British Crumpets with Butter for Breakfast

Crumpets are “griddle cakes” usually just made with flour yeast and milk (or water) you can make them yourself but like most things that use years they need a bit of “proving” so it’s not an instant process, or you can buy them ready made.

TBH buying them ready made is far easier and they are cheap enough as well

Cooking and serving

You can grill them, stick them under the grill until they they go are crisp and brown or I stick them in the toaster on the same setting as for unfrozen bread.

To serve, well I like mine just buttered but you can also have jam or honey on them.

They don’t have to be eaten for breakfast either I believe they started out as a desert and I can remember when I was a kid my mum would make “griddle cakes” and serve them covered in golden syrup as a desert after a meal.

I like crumpets.

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