Cancer Related Fatigue

2 things about having cancer I really don’t like. Night sweats and CRF.
Out of the 2 I think CRF is by far the worst.

Total Sleep

This was last night and today, overnight I had 7hr 19 min sleep which isn’t far short of the suggested 8 hrs per 24 that everyone needs, well TBH for most of my life I have got by on around 7hrs each night.

However even though I had 7 hrs sleep I woke up absolutely shattered and by 1pm was ready to sleep again which I did and had a nap for 1hr 20mins. That didn’t refresh me and by 5 pm I was getting ready to take my 2nd nap of the day.

I woke up just before 7pm and by 11pm I was falling asleep on my feet again, almost 10hrs sleep yesterday and I was still shattered

According to my consultant the cancer needs energy to grow so it’s robbing my body of it which is why I am so tried all of the time.

Swimming through treacle

This is what it feels like in the waking hours between sleeps and naps, my brain can function but my body really does feel like it’s moving through treacle.
It’s always my legs that I notice it first, I get what I call “Aeroplane legs” which is if you have spent 10-12 hours on a long haul flight in economy you’ll know exactly what I mean.
Once that feeling in my legs starts I know that within about an hour I am going to need to sleep.

Luckily not every day is like this, it seems to comes in bunches of a couple of days feeling like this then 3-4 days feeling quite normal before it starts again.

I hate the CRF days because I literally cannot get anything done because I am either sleeping or wanting to go to sleep.

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