Covid 19 & tinfoil hats

This Covid 19 thing, so many questions or thoughts and so little time to try and express this in writing.

Is it man made or did mother nature create it?

If it’s man made, then the question has to be why, was it an effective way to the population of the elderly and infirm or a way to destroy economies and leave them vulnerable to takeover/needing aid from the perpetrator or was it a global conspiracy to make Joe Public far happier to bow down and do as they’re told?

The last serious major flu pandemic was about 100 years ago with Spanish flu, you can ignore SARS, swine flu and the like as just being a minor blip or an amateur attempt at a half decent pandemic as most people barely even noticed.

Now, was Spanish flu man made or germ warfare by a disgruntled German a little bit miffed about being about to lose the war or was it another country using germ warfare as a way to encourage Germany to surrender with a demonstration of what can be done.

If it’s mother nature, then it took some serious thought to infect a bat with a disease that would then pass on to humans on the off chance that someone would eat a bat and under cook it. But then we’re told that HIV was originated by someone shagging a monkey in Africa…..

If it’s mother nature, then she really has got it in for us, or does it take her 100 years to create a new bug to seriously deplete the numbers of humans who are over populating the planet and artificially keeping people alive. Show me another species that does this.

D Soul

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  1. I’ve seen this “man made” theory bounced around quite a lot, TBH I think the “tin foilers” are just trying to make the facts for their theories, as it it’s only been 1 incidence of a 100 year that’s not a big enough sample to say one way or the another.
    Doesn’t mean it’s not a possibility at all though. Indeed it could well be mother nature trying to control the planets population.

    My own personal theory? extraterrestrial, came here on a meteorite.

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