Covid-19 Antibodies

Because I have cancer (Follicular Lymphoma) I am part of a research trial which every now and again asks you to complete surveys, however 2 weeks ago they asked if I would be happen to take an antibody test to see if I had developed any antibodies to covid either through catching the disease or inoculations.

They were only selecting people who were immunosuppressed and had had their 3 primary injections.

Well that’s me, I have had my 3rd primary jab and I am immunosuppressed.

The test

The test involved me pricking my finger with a lancet then filling this phial with blood, once I had done that I had to send it off to be tested.

Well I did all that this Wednesday just gone and posted it off.

The result

I figured after having 3 primary jabs I had developed some immunity and when the result came back it wasn’t what I was expecting.

So three jabs later and they haven’t worked, my immune system hasn’t produced any antibodies at all.


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