Cordless tyre inflator

I got this for my E-Bike

I thought it would be handy to keep in my jacket pocket when I go out for for a ride.

I have a toolkit with puncture repairs but has a hand pump and my bike tyres are 60PSI so if I get a flat it’s going to be hard work pumping them up and this gadget seems to solve that issue if it works.

A surprising use

However it’s 1st use wasn’t for the bike. A couple of days ago the TPMS on the car warned me one of my tyres had a low pressure and when I looked all 4 were less than the 36PSI they should have been, 1 was 32 PSI and the rest varied between 32-34PSI.

As I had this on my desk in front of me because I had just finished charging it up I thought I would give it a try on the car tyres as the instructions state that it will inflate a car tyre to 45PSI, this is a claim I was doubtful of and this would be a chance to see.

Very surprised

We had to nip out to the shops for some bread so I decided to wait in the car while the missus got what she wanted in the shop and while I was waiting put this to the test, I was amazed it got the flattest tyre from 32 to 36PSI in just under 5 minutes, I really expected it to fail and die but now it made a simple job of it and not only that it also go the other 3 tyres up to 36PSI

So Impresssed

It did all 4 tyres and still showed 75% battery so I am very impressed, so impressed that it’s now back in bike jacket pocket in it’s case that I have purchased another one to keep in the car.

Easy to use, powerful, USB charging, cheap, what’s not to like about it.

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