Contact lenses

Looks like my eyesight is changing.

A couple of months back I had an issue with my eyes that meant I couldn’t wear my contact lenses, they were too dry and the cornea was sticking to the inside of my eyelid during sleep and getting damaged.

That however has now been sorted thanks to using “artificial tears” each day and a thick gel overnight on my eyes. (Thealoz Duo 3x during the day and Artelac gel overnight)

All clear

I went back to the optician just before Christmas and he said the gels had done the trick and all the damage was gone so he gave me the all clear to go back to wearing contacts again. I do however still have to use the gels, that’s going to be a permanent thing for the rest of my life.

My wearing pattern

In the winter months when the days are short I only wear contacts indoors if I am going out anywhere I use my glasses.

During the longer summer months I will wear them indoors and outdoors but only during daylight.

Technical stuff

My lens are what are called mono vision which is that my right eye power is for distance vision and my left eye power is for close vision, now this may seem odd but actually it works well and my brain automatically combines the two different images to give a clear image for any distance. In case you are interested my prescription is Left +3.25 Right +1.25

The problems.

Mono-vision is great but it does come with 2 problems, one unique and one common to all contact lenses. The unique one is that at night bright pinpoint of light like street lamps, car headlights, shop displays etc appear to have a “halo-starburst” effect to them, this is because they are usually middle or distance and my right eye is only for close so that eye they are out of focus and blurred. When my brain puts the images from each together it’s damn good at minimising the blur but on lights in leaves that halo-starburst around them. Walking around at night I can just about cope with this but driving is a real issue and this effect is very distracting so I have to change back to glasses to do it.

The other issue is bright sunlight and I have to wear sunglasses or I walk around squinting everywhere and if I am going to wear sunglasses then I might as well just wear my ordinary glasses which are both varifocal and photochromic lenses.


My main tool of choice for Internet usage is my PC and I have a 26 inch monitors so browsing the net with contacts isn’t an issue.
my mobile I only really use as a phone indoors and very rarely browse the net with it, all the programs I do use are duplicated on my PC anyway sp i really have no need to browse the net.

Yesterday we had visitors so I spent the day being social able and not in my “den” which is where my PC is which meant I used my phone on a few occasions to do something on the net.


Using my phone came with a bit of a problem it was a bit blurred and I actually had to use the accessibility options to increase the fonts so I could read it. In fact this is a “new” phone the last time I browsed the net with contacts on was probably 9 or months ago and then I had a different phone, that’s why I noticed this change, that’s the trouble with vision changes are slow they are almost imperceptible until some like this happens then it’s quite noticeable.


I wear dailies and get mine from Daysoft which at £4.99 for a box of 32 is outstanding value for money, I still have half a box od each eye left so I won’t need to get more until the middle of next month which gives me time to get to the opticians and get my eyes tested to see if what I suspect is that my prescription has changed.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

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