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Making videos by myself.

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I decided a few months back that I would start to make videos which show the good and the bad bits about being in a wheelchair.

I've made a few already mainly the bad things based on the experiences I have had, people parking on dropped kerbs preventing me from crossing the road, special assistance never turning up for train journeys and issues with buses. They aren't what I would class as "cinematic" or "good" videos

Multi camera angles means multiple people and cameras

To get different angles and shots means having to have at least one other person with me, the reason is I can set all the shots up myself but it would need someone just to stand by the camera and watch it whilst I did the action bit, I mean imagine I want to do a long shot, I set the camera up, start it recording them move back 50m, chances are someone might see an opportunity to steal my camera while I am 50m away and you really can't go chasing down a thief in a powerchair limited to 3.8mph 😂

So I need at least one other person with me. The problem there is that all my children have grown up and left home and they have their own lives and families. My partner is a lovely woman, and she would help me if she could however she works nights for at least half of a week meaning when I am want to go out filming she's normally sleeping. My friends would help me but most live too far away and the local ones have jobs and their own lives so they could help but only if it fits in with their own family things.

Life changes

Or rather life more changed for me in early 2020 when the covid pandemic hit the UK, this coincided with my needing to use my wheelchair 24/7 because my health had gone downhill (I have 2 incurable diseases, Bronchiectasis and Follicular Lymphoma) FL is a Blood cancer and as such I was one of the highest risk groups of people in the pandemic and so for 26 months until May 2022 I became a virtual prisoner in my own home having to keep away from people in case I caught covid.

Now I have 5 covid vaccinations, 3 primary and 2 booster jabs as the virulent strain of covid is a lot less harmful than it was in 2020 I can start to venture back out again.
The thing is I have spent over 2 years without using my wheelchair on public transport and in many situations so this is a new thing for me and as I learn to adopt to this new lifestyle I will be making videos about it.

Being independent

As earlier above because friends and family can't really help me during the times I am free to make these videos I have to do therm by myself.

This means usually I have to go out and Video by myself and with only one camera, which means only one camera angle, this FPV ( First Person View) doesn't make for the best of videos, but it's all I had until…

Instaone 360 X2 to the rescue

Say what? This.

 It's a 360-degree virtual reality camera, it produces Video that you can scroll around in 360 degrees to see everything from any angle. This solves my problem quite nicely, well not completely but it allows me to make shots from more than one angle without needing another person to be either my cameraman or my security guard.
The problem as always is me, well that and a steep learning curve needed for the software. The software I am currently learning with is complex but I am sure I will get my head around it soon. The other issue is one of size, VR360 Video are 5k resolution which means they are fuck off big files, a 20-minute Video in 5k VR360 is over 100Gb of HDD space. This means my HDD's would quickly soon fill up so once I have edited a VR360 Video I delete the original which is not something I enjoy doing because there are times when I would like to remake the Video with a different edit, but like I said I didn't have the HDD space. I have corrected that now and I now have a 4TB HDD drive installed on my pc so I can keep the original files for a lot longer than I sued to be able to.

Sadly this means I can't re-edit the ones I have already uploaded to YouTube as the originals have been deleted but going forward I can save the originals for a lot longer now. Also because the files aren't "Mission critical" they will only be moved onto the big drive once I have edited them I have enabled compression on this drive in the hope I can store lots of original files on it and will only move them off as I need them.

Using a wheelchair on public transport

Or rather being a wheelchair user and using it on public transport, these are the videos I want to make going forward, the ones I have made and uploaded so far were experimental, now I can get one and make the ones I want to make which show either how easy or how hard it is to use public transport in London.

Being able to now store the massive file means I can re-edit them if I am not happy with the results.

The first one of the new format

The first of these new videos is currently in "post-production" as I am still learning the reframing software, however I have already uploaded the VR360 version to YouTube and you can see it here.

This is the VR360 version, I am currently working on the reframed version which will be different angles and more like a "normal" Video where You just watch it and can't scroll around in it.

Hopefully it will come out as I want to in my head, who knows, lets see?

I'll update you all when I have uploaded the new Video.