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Making How To videos isn't that easy

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All the gear but no idea

I've actually got the ideas and have in fact started making the "new" videos, I do already have some published on Youtube. I also have all the gear but that's where it all stops, what I don't have is the grounding in video production.

These with the exception of the chromakey Premiere tutorial were made in response to a demand from specific people, mostly around how to blur things or edit audio on dashcam footage.

The chromakey one is the first of the new style ones I am doing going forward and is for general consumption, IE not made in response to a request from someone.

Learning as I go

These new style ones are a case of what I am learning to do as I go along, in this case of the last video I had to learn to chromakey to be bale to make the model build videos I wanted to and I figured that if I needed to learn it then so will someone else so I made the video to help them, so with the tutorials it's a case of learning as I go and sharing my knowledge in tutorials, I currently have 2 more in post production and that's where the problem lies.


This where I am getting let down, I never studied anything like this at school or college nd I never really needed to use it in my working life before last year. TBH I am not even sure if "Production" is the right term, for me "production means all the mechanics involved in getting something from an idea to a final product.

Case in point I am making a tutorial on audio and video syncing in premiere CC 2022, a simple thing to most I know but I had to learn it from the bottom up specifically how to move the audio timeline by miniscule fractions, something which isn't really covered that well in the docs.

The idea was great, the reality far more complicated 😂 I discovered I had to make 4 separate video tracks, one for the facecam intro, another for the facecam narration, another for the example of in sync and the last one for the example of out of sync. Now I kept all this production information in my head and just sat down to record it, that doesn't really work though, I need to how some sort of flow chart of what to do and not just in my head.


My lack of knowledge of how to produce something has meant I have had to go back to more E-learning, damn just when I thought I could begin.

With this new lack of knowledge I have signed up for a an online video production course, more learning, I never envisaged this when covid forced me on this new journey and I have spent the last 23 months learning Premiere CC and After Effects, however merely understanding how to use the software isn't enough.

Initial goal

My initial goal back in March 2020 was to be able to start uploading videos from Jan 2022, for those that don't know I have both an incurable blood cancer, Follicular lymphoma and incurable lung disease, bronchiectasis and that mans I am one of those that is at extremely high risk from covid so I really cannot be around people. This forced me to give up work and make my home onto a self imposed prison from which I very rarely venture out of, my cancer has made me immunocompromised, I cannot fight of infections like normal normal and covid would probably kill me, so this new career path was the only thing I could really think of. I knew it wasn't going to happen overnight so I set my self a realistic goal of 20 months to learn what I needed.

What I wish I had known then

I wish I had thought more about what production is rather than just thinking If I have the gear and I know how to use the software that's all I need, if I had I would have started with the production course first and not waited until now.

The next thing to learn.

Well less than an an hour into my course I have l;earnt that I am missing a very basic but very fundamental knowledge.. Storyboarding, I know, I know, once it's been pointed out it seems so obvious yet it's something a I overlooked, so right now I am off to download some storyboarding software and learn that.. that means all my projects get pushed back yet again... sigh...

More to follow..