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Installing Karta VR

If you have no idea what reframing 360 degree videos is all about then I guess this post won't be of any interest to you.

I use an Instaone 360 X2 360-degree camera and most of the time I leave the Video in VR360 format, there are however times that I need to make "flat" Video from the 360 degree Video.

This means I have reframe the Video so that you are seeing it from a fixed angle rather than being able to scroll about, this is a serious advantage with 360 degree Video because it means I can reframe as often as I want to show the Video from different camera angles. You probably still have no idea what I am talking about though but that's OK, all will become clear when I start to upload the reframed videos.

The software that comes with the camera, Instaone studio is Ok ish for reframing but not as controllable as I need it to be, so I prefer to reframe in Editing software. Well, I tried Premier Pro 2002 with the GoPro reframe plug in and it constantly crashed. So, my "fallback" software in Davinci Resolve.

For a free program Resolve is very powerful in many respects and reframing 360 footage is one of those that it excels in. I am in the middle of making a tutorial about reframing in Resolve but before we can start doing that, we need to install the plug in that allows us to do this, installing plug-ins in Resolve isn't straightforward so this tutorial is about downloading and installing KARTAVR.

This Video tutorial is about installing reactor 3 which allows you run KARTAVR which you need to do the reframing.