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Birmingham to London Hyper Lapse

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Hyper Lapse VS Time lapse

Time Lapse

This is where the camera stays still in a fixed position, and everything moves around the camera

Hyper Lapse

This is where the camera is moving as as well as everything around the camera

A recent journey

This Video is of a recent journey I went on and I decided to record the journey back home as a hyper lapse Video.

From my hotel In Birmingham to my front door it was 165 miles and took me 4 hours to make the journey.

Why so long?

I was in no particular hurry to get home, so I just pulled in behind an HGV, set my radar-controlled cruise control to 50 meters and just cruised along doing the same speed as the lorry but with a separation of 50m

I also stopped a few times in rest areas for toilet and coffee breaks, but I edited those out.

Dropping in behind lorries like this and doing their speed, appx 56mph is a very economical speed and my car returned 79mpg for the journey, I could have got the mpg higher, but it was a warm day and I had the AC on for the whole journey, without the AC I could have got 85-89mpg.

I didn't actually record the journey as a hyper lapse, I recorded it in real time and used Adobe Premier Pro to speed it up from over 4 hours to just 10 minutes.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did driving it.