I went to a pub
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I went to a pub

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Out, out.

Last night, I went out; out.

Because I am immunocompromised since the start of the covid pandemic I have been more or less in prison, a self-imposed prison inside my home with the exceptions being going out for medical appointments.

However last night I went out; out. I went to a local pub, well micro pub, all by myself with no help or assistance from my partner.

So nice

It was so nice to have a freshly drawn pint of draught real ale, something I have truly missed in the last 2 years.
Canned and bottled beers are ok, but nothing beats a draught pint it really doesn't.
As a general rule I don't like IPA's I find canned and bottled ones to be flavourless and sour, however draught ones seem so much nicer and definitely have a much better flavour.

All by myself

What made the visit even more special is that I made it there and back all by myself with no assistance from anyone else.

This pub is 3.2 miles from my house and I am in a wheelchair, the most direct route is only 2.5 miles but I can't use that route because there are no pavements for part of it so I have to take a longer but much safer route.

Friendly as well

This micro pub is a really friendly place, Bradley the manager introduced himself to me as soon as he spotted I was in a wheelchair and asked what he could do to make it more comfortable for me, TBH there wasn't anything other than putting the heating on that I needed, I was sat in the outside area still keeping away from people.

I sent the rest of the evening there until it was last orders thoroughly enjoying myself.

My new "local"

Since this first visit I have been going to this micropub, The Cockpit in Chislehurst, every Sunday evening to enjoy a pint or 4 and just chill, after being a virtual prisoner for the last 2 years this makes such a change.