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Days out are back

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The National Trust & English Heritage.

All credit to my partner, during the week she came up with a fantastic idea.

Because I have a blood cancer I'm immunocompromised and it's not safe for me to be around groups of people, my immune system is so compromised that I will catch any disease going round and I won't have the ability to fight it off.

This has meant since March 19th 2020 I've been pretty much housebound apart from going out for medical appointments, I did have a four day trip to the Isle of Wight in 2021 but other than that just medical appointments.

During an appointment with my haematologist last week I asked how long it will be before I could go back out again and she said "Probably not for the rest of 2022" This means I'm now in my third year of my home prison.

I've really wanted to get out and go places, I want to go back abroad, I haven't been abroad since 2019 but it's not happening; I can't even go to museums and places like that because of the amount of people that will be there.

Then my partner came up with a fantastic idea, why don't we rejoin the National Trust and English Heritage? I immediately said "I've got the same problem with museums, I can't go into the properties because of the number of people there" to which she replied "I was thinking of the gardens, The Woodlands and the parklands that these organisations own" And she was absolutely right both organisations own lots of open green spaces, gardens woodlands & areas of outstanding natural beauty.

This means now we can go out and I can get some fresh air and stop feeling like a prisoner which is exactly what we did last week.

Eltham palace and gardens

Just about three miles from where I live in South East London is Eltham palace and gardens, a property owned by English Heritage. I've only ever been there once and my partner has never been there, so that's what we decided to do last Wednesday we went out and we walked round the gardens of Eltham palace, it was a lovely spring day and we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I got the fresh air that I was so craving without putting myself at risk of catching diseases from being so close to groups of people.

When I say "walked" I meant my partner walked I used my wheelchair. it really made a nice trip out and we have resolved to try and do something like this once a week weather permitting.

some pictures from the day

I'm looking forward to many more days like this now the nice weather is here.

The cost of joining the two organisations wasn't that high either because I'm disabled I get a discount and because my partner is also my carer she gets free admission to all the properties so effectively we're getting a 50% discount on the prices.

Between the two organisations they have some absolutely stunning properties spread throughout the UK, this means we can go almost anywhere and we won't be too far from somewhere that I can get out and about without the risk of being in crowds of people.

I don't know why we didn't think of this before, I'm just so glad we thought of it now When I say we, I mean my partner, this was her idea, what a clever idea it was as well.