I have another ches...
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I have another chest infection

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Another infection

Good morning.

I had over 10 hours sleep last night and today I am starting with my clearance routine. (4x daily) I also stared my "rescue pack" last night (doxycycline & prednisolone).
Peak flow 286L/min
SpO2 92%
Temp 37.2c
Systolic 130 mmHg
Diastolic 71 mmHg
Pulse 85 bpm

All my stats are screaming infection and my lungs are full of gunk.
My BP is higher than usual because ATM I am breathing in 7% Saline 

The question is have I spotted this infection early enough and begun the "rescue" early enough to prevent me ending up in hospital?


My "Rescue pack" consists of the anti-biotic doxycycline and the steroid prednisolone, I keep a permanent supply of these two at home and when I start a pack, I request a replacement from my GP so I always have these here.

The other part of the rescue is my nebuliser, the doxycycline stops the infection, the steroids reduce the inflammation the nebuliser is to thin the mucus so I can clear it out of my lungs.

My "nebs" are salbutamol, a bronchodilator, which opens the airways in my lungs up and 7% saline which when inhales mixes with the mucus and encourages water into my lungs which thins the mucus out making it easier for me to bring it up.
Technically I am supposed to take the salbutamol (Ventolin) first then the saline however, whenever I have been given my nebs in hospital they also mix them so I figure if it's ok for them to do that then it's ok for me to do that.

This I will have to do 4x each day until I have cleared my lungs.

Form this point onwards it's now a battle, what I am aiming for is to clear the gunk out of my lungs before it can trap a more serious bug in my lungs, that's the danger, something really nasty getting and getting trapped by the mucus and breeding away until it becomes life threatening.

As a related aside the only place I have been where I could have picked up an infection is the hospital last Weds.
Prior to that I haven't been around or out with people for weeks and weeks.

This is my new life now, this is permanent and will only get worse