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The Woody Diet week 16

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16 weeks in on my own diet plan

Current weight

I didn't really do any updates or really weigh myself over the Christmas period because I thought it would be pointless, I would be eating all the wrong in excess and imbibing much alcohol.

Turns out I was wrong there, yes we did have a lot of rich and fatty foods and we did have a lot of alcohol around but I ate fairly small portions compared to what I had done in other years and didn't load my plate with the fatty high calorie stuff and instead used more white meat and vegetables.

I did have wine with a meals but usually just a glass rather than several and maybe a beer a day as opposed to several when we had visitors.

A slight loss

This amounted to a very slight loss og 0.2kg over Christmas which I will take as a win.

2 weeks into the new year

Well almost 3 but I had been busy with other things in the earlier part of the week I finally did a proper weigh in and my weight is still dropping at a good steady pace of around 1Kg/ week I am very happy with that, I have now lost 22Kg overall since Sept last year.

More diet modifications

This last 16 weeks has allowed me to experiment to identify what it was that caused mt to gain weight, by that I mean I started with a traditional type Diet and have gradually gone back to my old eating habits a little at time and now I am at the stage where I am eating the same sort of foods as I was a year ago with 2 exceptions and a few differences.

More white meat and fish

I have substituted a lot of red meat with white meat and fish and so I am eating a lot more chicken and fish than I used to, more chicken than fish though as my partner doesn't like fish.

The major things.

I have also discovered the 2 things that caused my weight to go up, alcohol, beer mainly. Beer is nothing but "empty" calories it has no energy value at all and in fact could be described as liquid fat. I have no reduced my beer consumption to 2 units one day a week and I am feeling so much better for that, I do and it's now very occasionaly have a glass of wine with sunday dinner

McDonalds, Chinese food and Kebabs. These, these are the things that caused me to gain weight and by simply cutting them out to a once a month or longer treat combined with a massive reduction in alcohol consumed in less than 4 months I have managed to halt a weight rise and turn it into a very steady weight loss.

I am liking the lighter me, that said even after losing 22Kg I am still using XXL t-shirts as my belly fat isn't dispersing but I have noticed my XXl sized trousers now need tightening and or a belt to keep them up so the fat in some place is going.


Sadly the new Omicron covid variant out tin the wild has meant I can't go to the gym or swimming at the moment so I am not getting the exercise that I was but that should resolve itself soon and I can start to shift that belly fat.

All in all I am happy I can Diet without really dieting.