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Up and over Mount Teide

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I love Tenerife

I sometimes get asked where my favourite place is and the answer is always the same, up on Mt Teide in Tenerife.

I love it up there, especially at night when you are way, way above the cloud base, above the noise and light pollution in fact you are so high you are above the treeline and very few creatures live at that altitude.

There are some people that live up there, but not a lot.

A little perspective, the highest point on Mt Teide that I can drive to is over 2x higher that Gt Britain's tallest Mountain, Ben Nevis.

Ben Nevis is pretty much inhospitable but on Teide at that altitude it's still fairly warm and liveable.

When I am up there at night I just park up, no-one around as far as the eye can see in any direction, no lights, no noise just absolute silence and peace, I lay back on the car bonnet (cos it's warm and at night the temp creeps towards 0c up there) and I star gaze.

OMG the stars, I have never seen anywhere else like it on Earth, there are so many stars. So many in fact you struggle to make out the constellations. I am totally at peace when I am up there doing this, it's so relaxing and makes me feel so insignificant.

It really is my favourite place.

A quick drive

It's also quite beautiful during the day as well, as you start from sea level and drive up and over the top then down the other side the changing scenery is amazing, especially when you get above the treeline, the landscape becomes very barren, but this barrenness has a special beauty to it.

This video was made in 2016 when I fitted one of my dashcams to my hire car and recorded the whole journey up and over Mt Teide, this journey took almost 3 hours in real time however I have sped it up so It takes a lot less for you.

They never knew this was there

I have had quite a few friends that have gone on Holiday over the years to Tenerife and they have stayed in the resorts or the beach areas and maybe visited the capital but they have never been up Teide, in fact most of them never even knew this existing and they were all shocked when they saw this video and realised they had been to Tenerife but had never seen this and swore that if they go again they will make the effort.

I hope you enjoy my drive, I know I did, it was beautiful.