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Government Public health failure

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I am surprised it needed a committee to tell us this. Both #Facebook and #Twitter called this right, right at the very start and I think it wasn't long before everyone realised this was an almighty #public #health fuck-up of giant proportions.

The money that was wasted was incredible, track n trace and the nightingale hospitals turned out to be useless money pits and the government dawdled, diddles and fiddled their way through the start to the point that 1000's died when they shouldn't have done.

Boris will be one of the most remembered UK PM's, in the same way people remember Thatcher not because of any good he did but because of the harm that happened on his watch while he blundered about like someone playing pin the tail on the donkey with no donkey and both of their hands tied behind their backs.

If this was the USA the relatives of those that died in the early stages would be forming class actions and suing everyone in sight.