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Prince Andrew.

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I seen many times on Facebook people calling him a paedophile.

I often wonder if they actually know what a paedophile is? this girl was 17 at the time and the age of consent here in the UK is 16.

I would not call a 17yr old a child, more a young woman.

If sex was consensual then no crime in the UK was committed, in New York the age of consent is different.

I do note she is claiming it was against her will, if that is so then yes that's a crime of sexual assault but it's not paedophillia

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Except under UK law they are children until they reach 18. Consent at 16 is intended for 16 and 17 yr olds to form sexual relationships without falling foul of the law..... Here is where the offences lie......

Offences against children under 18

Sections 16 – 24 Abuse of position of trust

Key points

  • The primary purpose of the abuse of trust provisions is to provide protection for young people aged 16 and 17, who are considered to be particularly vulnerable to exploitation by those who hold a position of trust or authority in their lives.
  • These offences are primarily concerned with the child giving ostensible consent to the activity, but that consent is not relevant because of their particular relationship with the abuser.
  • Positions of trust are defined in Sections 21 and 22 SOA 2003.
  • The prohibited sexual behaviours in sections 16 - 19 are identical to those prohibited by sections 9 – 12 (i.e. sexual activity with a child; causing a child to engage in sexual activity; sexual activity in the presence of a child; and causing a child to watch a sexual act).
  • See section 23 for the defence for spouses and civil partners and section 24 for sexual relationships which pre dated the position of trust.
  • These offences are either way and attract a maximum sentence of 5 years on indictment.

If he were convicted, he therefore would indeed be a convicted paedophile.