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Facebook Interesting article about hate on Facebook

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An interesting article from the BBC about online hate and abuse and how the social media platforms are actually promoting it.

I have no desire to repeat the experiments they made as I really don't want to go down those rabbit holes, but if they are repeatable and accurate than it's very bad that the platforms are actually doing this when they should be doing the opposite and actively stopping it and discouraging people from doing it.

I also note from the article that women seemed to be targeted more than men by the abusers with misogyny and racial abuse being the worst.

What I would like to know is which gender are the worst abusers? I suspect it's men, but you never know.

The other thing that struck me about this article is that it would appears there is a very strong connection between "tin foil hatters"  and abusers, this is something I have seem quite a few times in various reports before.

Online abuse is wrong and yes, I would the social media platforms and governments would do more.

At the very least serial abusers should lose access to the internet permanently.

Here is the article

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