Tomorrow, Oct 27th I am having a colonoscopy.

I had one before, around 5 years ago, the procedure itself really doesn’t bother me, they sedated me and got on with it, I remember watching it on a monitor. The prep the day before however does :/

One of the issues with hypogoblins (I have taken to calling immunoglobulins “goblins” and hypogammaglobulinemia “hypogoblins”) Is that since Jan 18th 2019 I am on permanent antibiotics and from almost the same date I have had constant diarrhea. Everyone thinks the culprit there is the antibiotics but just to be on the safe side I am having a camera shoved up my arse jist to check things out.

I did have some polyps removed the last time this was done so they want to investigate if there are any more.

All told, it’s not an “enjoyable” experience and if I didn’t think it was really necessary I wouldn’t have elected to have it done.

Steve Woodmore

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