Coffee pod wars

I thought I had done bad but I really done good

It was only after my new coffee machine arrived that I fully realised there were two competing and incompatible coffee pod systems.

Nespresso and Dolce Gusto

I had relied on Amazon’s search to give me the correct result and I really should have double checked exactly what I pulled the trigger on. What I had ordered was a Dolce Gusto machine and Nespresso pods. DICKHEAD


Of course the coffee pods were completely incompatible with my new machine and because they are classed as “food” goods I can’t return them to Amazon, oh well I’ll just bite the bullet and put that down to experience and order the correct pods.

I did good it seems.

So I ordered the correct pods and they duly arrived the next day. I then set about writing about my new coffee machine and whilst I was doing that I went on a search to see how recyclable the pods were, the article about that is here. Coffee machines and pods

It turns out that the Nespresso system has more recyclable pods than the Dolce Gusto system which dispointed me a little BUT then I made an amazing discovery, you can via the use of 3rd party adaptors do 2 things with the Dolce Gusto system that you I don’t think you can with Nespresso.

Firstly with the use of reusable pods like this

You can use your own ground coffee in them which of course opens up a whole world of choice because I like ground coffee and I grind it myself from beans.

The second discovery was that via a different 3rd party adaptor like this

You can use Nespresso pods in a Dolce Gusto machine.

It seems by accident I did good as I now have a machine that will allow me access to the 2 competing systems and allow me to use coffee beans after I have ground them, I am truly a very happy bunny now.

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