Coffee machines and pods

I thought I had fucked up

My coffee machine has landed, it’s not a Nespresso one at all but a Dolce Gusto one.  I also purchased some Costa coffee pods as well.

However I thought I had fucked up as I thought I had purchased recyclable pods but these were plastic ones, I went back and checked the Amazon listing and nothing about recycling in it. This is my bad because I used the search term “Recyclable aluminium Dolce Gusto pods” and I forgot that sometimes Amazon search is a load of old bollocks and it returns results for all types, my poor excuse is that I was rushing. 😂

Recycling was a big feature

I have in the past avoided pod machines I did have a Tassimo machine many years ago but got loads of grief over the no recycling aspect of the discs so I got shot of it. However my the filter coffee machine I had was 3 years old and when I opened to clean it I realised it was on it’s deathbed. Time for a new machine then, TBH my filter machine was a bean to cup machine and it was a bit of a ball ache cleaning out before each use so I thought I would go for another pod machine. I have read and seen in the news about the “menace” of coffee pods being non-recyclable so I made an effort to see what I could about this as recycling was a big feature for me.


What I did discover on my mission to find a recyclable system is that both polythene and aluminium pods can be recycled BUT most coffee pod listing on Amazon and eBay I have looked at don’t tell you which type of pod it is you are buying. To start I plumped for some Costa pods as A: I love their coffee and B: I would assume they would be environment friendly. Sadly the pods arrived and there is no indication on them at all if they are recyclable or not, they aren’t aluminium so they are either some of kind plastic which is non recyclable or polythene which is but they don’t state what they are on them so I have to assume plastic, this is now going to result in years of brutal earache from the senior management in the house 😭

Good news

After feeling a bit pissed off about this I went onto the Costa Website to send them a complaint and found a recycling information link, good news I can recycle my Costa pods, all I have to do is to pop into my local Costa and get a recycling bag from them fill it with pods and return it, yay I am happy now 🙂

I also discovered if you purchase Dolce Gusto or Starbucks pods the if you go onto the Dolce Gusto website they will send you a recycling bag for free which when it’s full just drop it off and the local Yodel machine and it’s returned to them for free for recycling.


I have also discovered you can get reusable coffee pods for your own ground coffee and I have ordered one and will give it a try and if it works well that’s probably the way forward for me.

I have enjoyed researching this and I am very happy that I can now avoid years of ball-ache from the boss about it.

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