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I had never heard this expression prior to this pandemic, in a nutshell what it means is other conditions alongside each other, for instance I have both cancer and bronchiectasis, these are comorbidities.

Catching COVID-19 would mean 3 comorbidities and that then becomes both a medical and ethical problem.

Put quite simply they are going to have to make decisions they probably never dreamed they would have to make in the U.K.

Who lives and who dies

Or rather who gets treatment priority.
Not a choice I could willingly make and one that if I had to would probably give me very many sleepless nights so I don’t envy our medics being put in this position one little bit, but it will happen if we reach the predicted numbers and we don’t have the equipment to deal with them all.

They will have to choose who gets treated first and I suspect this choice will be made on chances of a positive outcome, I.E. someone with no known comorbidities will be favoured over someone with several and as strange as this may seem being on the negative end of this equation I sort of support it.

Being asked to play God is something they were never really expected to do in the U.K. so this virus has an awful lot to answer as well as death.

Steve Woodmore

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