Chislehurst is

#Chislehurst is the known centre of the hairdressing universe.

Chislehurst is in my mind a village, some will say it’s a town, TBH I am never sure exactly what makes something a town or a village.

Chislehurst doesn’t have a town hall, a council or it’s own market space which to me are the 3 biggest definitions of a town is, so to me it’s a village albeit a large one.

It does have duck ponds and commons.

What else has it got?

Hairdressers, that’s what else, and extraordinary amount of places to get your hair cut. I reckon the people of Chislehurst must have the best kept hair in the universe.

We have this one on Belmont Parade

Then literally just a stones throw away we have this one on Park road.

Then right next door is this one.

At the bottom of Red Hill is another place to get your hair cut.

Then in the high St yet another barbers.

Across the road and a stones throw away is yet another hairdressers.

Then onto Royal Parade where there is another place to get your hair cut

Finally in School lane yet another place to get your hair cut.

Although I am not sure if this one is open or not.

So there you go, if you ever want to know what place has the best kept hair in the country, I reckon it’s Chislehurst.

BTW, I cut my own hair 🤣

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