Chemo time

Just sitting here at the treatment suite in the local hospital waiting for my cancer chemotherapy drugs.

it was just over 2 years ago that I finished my last lot of chemotherapy and the expectation from everybody was that it was going to be 8 to 10 years before I need it again, I can’t tell you how disappointed I am it’s only been 18 months.

I am on nothing if not a fighter, I’ve beaten cancer once I will beat it this time as well.

This is a picture of my PICC line without the dressing. PICC stands for ‘ peripherly inserted central catheter ‘ and is a line inserted directly into the main vein in my arm a d follows the vein almost to my heart, it stops about 5CM away from my heart. This does a couple of things, firstly means that I don’t get jabbed by needles all the time and secondly that the rituximab is infused and is dispersed very quickly around my body.

And this is Billy who is just getting me ready for my infusion.

This is the first part, Piriton, an anti histamine. This is to help if I get an allergic reaction to the rituximab. It also makes me very sleepy so I might need to finish this later.

I was right, the Piriton knocked me straight out. This is a good thing as having the infusion is actually really boring and takes around 2 hours.

That’s all done, they give me my meds and I toddle off home

Steve Woodmore

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