Cause and Effect

Drugs and effects

My current weight is 95kg this pushes me into the obese range 😱

When I came out of hospital in June last year I was only 73kg, so in just about a year I have gained 23kg, that is a horrifying weight for me, 8-83kg is where I used to sit.

Why the weight gain? steroids and antibiotics that’s why 😥 when my BX has an exacerbation I have to take a “rescue” pack of doxycycline and prednisolone, doxy is the antibiotic and pred is the steroid (btw it’s called a rescue pack because I have to keep it around all the time and take them as soon as I feel an exacerbation coming on) anyway the side effects of doxy are that it makes me feel extremely nauseous and the only cure for that is to eat and if I don’t I can’t actually throw up and or pass out.

Doxy I have to take twice daily, morning and evening, pred just once a day on a reducing does each day.

Morning sickness

Mornings are by far the worst and the earlier I get up the worse it is, so much so that if I don’t eat within an hour of waking I get extremely sick and throwing up on an empty stomach really isn’t nice and I also feel extremely faint and I have been close to passing out before.

I do have some anti nausea tablets, cyclizine which don’t do anything for the morning sickness but do seem to work for the evening dose of doxy.

Thankfully I only need to take doxy for a month at maximum before my chest clears, mostly it’s a 2 week course but this particular exacerbation is taking the month course to shift it, to be fair it’s the first big one this year, all the others have been smaller and cleared up in the 2 weeks.

Eating like a Horse

Prednisolone, I have no idea but when ever I am taking I eat like a horse (not that I know what a horse eats like, it’s just an expression) 4-5 meals a day. luckily the courses always start off high dose then gradually reduce as they reduce so does my appetite.

Social isolation

It’s not distancing is it? for me it’s fucking isolation, can’t see my kids, cant see my grandkids, can’t go out anywhere except to sit in the car all the time, I daren’t even go into a shop and I am so totally reliant on my other half to do all that.

Being on prednisolone of course makes this doubly important I am already immunosuppressant and this steroid just supresses me further so I really have to stay away from people during this pandemic.

The net result

Of all of this is a massive weight gain, a whopping 22kg is around 6 months, that’s horrendous, I am so fat if I ever fell over I would rock myself to sleep.

The lack of exercise because I am just not getting out and about combined with the appetite’s the meds give are partly causing this, I say partly because if I am honest I have also increased my alcohol consumption as well. I am not driving anywhere as much so I am drinking more and from today I am going to make a major effort to cut down on the alcohol because that’s just empty calories.

The future?

Well I hope these restrictions are lifted soon and some sort of vaccine or treatment becomes available because I am a realist and I do realise given my health problems I will be in the very last lot of people to be freed and I think this will be months away. Hopefully the chest improvements that have started this year will continue to the point where I can actually start to do some moderate exercise as I really need to shed some of this blubber now.

We shall see

Steve Woodmore

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