In the studio

It’s been a busy week here at mission control

I have had a very busy and productive week in the studio ( My den, I call the studio cosh it’s a bit posher innit) but I don’t really have much “end product” to show for it.

I recorded a “fast talkingvideo 😯, yes these steroids I am on are working wonders in that respect,I was able to do some fast talking for a while. I recorded me speaking “The Charge of The Light Brigade” a famous poem by Tennyson.

I also started a new Podcast and recorded a channel trailer and episode 1, both of these were in post-production for nearly 4 days, not each, in total just editing my voice to make it sound better.

My cancer and BX have left me with lots of issues with my voice, it’s not as deep and resonant as it was, I gasp and rattle when I breathe in, I smack my lips a lot and make other weird chirruping noises as well as stuttering in places. All of this has to be edited out in post production and that takes time.

Live Video

To test my streaming set up I made a live video on YouTube of me doing some editing on my voice.

Not the most exciting of videos I’ll admit.

Foodie videos

I also made 2 “Foodie” type videos for YouTube.
Nothing really exciting some friends were talking on Facebook about the new McDonalds McPlant burger and how it actually tasted like beef and I thought I’d give it a try, so I made a video about me reacting to the burger.

I made a glaring mistake though, I should have had some B-Roll footage of the food in the bag and cut to it several times.

The Facebook conversation went off on a tangent

Facebook conversations always go off on a tangent, this one went from the McPlant to the burger McD’s actually use, something called “Beyond burgers” so seeing as I already tried the McD’s one we got some of these Beyond Burgers and I gave them a try as well.

Again, almost same mistake as with the McDonalds one except this time I did get some B-roll of the burgers frying but for some reason I didn’t think to get any of them on the plate and It was only after someone else pointed this out to me did i realise what I had left out. Still lesson learned for next time.

I also made a short video about where I was with my channel.

These videos aren’t really for public consumption, or rather I didn’t make them to get Youtube
hits, subs or likes. They are on YouTube and if anyone finds them great, if they don’t and no-ne ever sees them that’s great as well. I made them to practice and prefect my techniques with filming, motion graphics and editing.

I started to do a Podcast which can be found here.

This really was time intensive as my voice wasn’t brilliant when I recorded it, see live video above.

USB Audio Interface

On 2 of the sound recording and editing courses I am currently taking the advice ids to get a USB Audio Interface for my mic as this will make everything sound better, I looked on Amazon at the ones they suggested and they were over £100 each.

Then I realised I already had one, I have a Tascam DR-40X PCM 4 channel recorder

And I had seen somewhere that it can be used as a USB Audio Interface, so after a quick google I found out how to do that, connected it all up and plugged my boom mic into it, and yes, you do need an Audio interface because being able to change the gain before recording means a lot less time spent sorting it out in post.

The model progress

I also did some more model building and have a couple more hours of footage in the can to edit, this model I just taking me longer than I anticipated because it’s just so complicated.

So all-in-all it’s actually been quite busy and I have loads of footage to turn into videos eventually.

I think if I was bothered about monetising YouTube and releasing on a schedule I’d be panicking about now, but as I am not I am just going along at my own pace.

I guesstimate it’s probably going to be another year before I have all the skills I need to really produce great content.

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