Bronchiectasis – My early warning system

Today after I got up I did a peak flow reading.

My PF was right down in the red at 281 L/min this is averaged over 3 blows to elimate fluctuations.

281L/min is too low, that means that mucus built up overnight and has reduced my capacity, the thing is I had now symptoms and no idea that I was getting blocked up but the fact I am in the red means I need to take action.

I then nebulised with salbutamol and saline, the amount of salbutamol I used is equivalent to 3 puffs on my ventolin inhaler and the saline was 7%.

This took 30 mins then I waited another 30 mins and did another peak flow test as you can see it brought my lung capacity back to my “normal”. The saline thinned the mucus so that it made my clearance very productive and I have checked PF a couple of other times to today to make sure it’s holding steady.

I had no idea I was blocked out and without this early warning I probably wouldn’t have done anything and would have spent the day getting more and more blocked up and probably ending up with an exacerbation which no-one with BX ever wants.

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