Bronchiecstasis and me

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Seeing as I am on a “shielding ” lockdown for 12 weeks due to Coronavirus I thought I would get around to doing some of the things I have been meaning to do for ages.

Today I thought I would waffle on a bit about Bronchiectasis, how did I get it and what it means to me, I even made a video so have a watch.

As well as having to do that routine, sometimes up to 4x daily I also have to use a red fostair 200/6 inhaler 2x daily and Avamys nasal spray each morning, these are both corticosteroid’s with Avamys bing to prevent/ease post nasal drip.
I also have to take Carbocisteine tablets 3x daily which like the 7% saline is another mucolytic. Other tablets are Azithromycin which is a preventer antibiotic to hopefully prevent new infections and I also have “rescue” pack of Doxycycline antibiotic which I have to take if I feel an infection starting.

This condition started for me in 2019 (actually the roots were sewn in 2013 but that’s for a different post) when I caught flu, this lead to pneumonia which did the damage to my lungs. I am coping, I am on lots of tablets and I need a wheelchair to go any further than my house to my car around 15 metres and sometimes even just talking leaves me gasping for breath, but I am coping.

Steve Woodmore

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