Brewmaker Cider

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Cider kit from brewmaker, and what a nice drink this is.
This kit surprised me as normally 1 can kits aren’t quite as good as 2 can kits, however as It turns out it brewed to 5.12% ABV and is heading towards the dry side.
I bottled this back in October 2019 so it’s been conditioning for a good 5 months, bottled with 7g/l brewing sugar so just the right amount of carbonation now.
The kit I got was from Amazon and came with 1kg brewing sugar ( dextrose) cost £17.99 and a very easy kit to brew.

I can imagine chilling a few bottles of this in the fridge then sitting round some steaks cooking on the BBQ in the garden on a warm summers day and drinking this.
One I will definitely brew again.

Steve Woodmore

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