Bizarre dreams

I very rarely remember my dreams but last night I had the most bizarre one ever and I remembered most of it.

I wrote , composed and sang this years christmas number 1.

It was actually quite a good little tune, sadly I can’t really remember it, I know it was about a hand blown hat and a cat and it started off with me singing solo and unaccompanied and ended with a massive crescendo, all my mates and a full orchestra, it was a real foot tapper as well.

The amusing thing here is that I couldn’t hold a tune in a skip let alone a bucket, I am so flat you might as well call me a pancake., yet in my dream I did quite well, we did cheat a little towards the end of the song and used autotune though.

I have no doubt people who analyse dreams will give this some deep and thoughtful meaning, me? I will just put it down to having a giggle with a few mates.

Steve Woodmore

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