So, I have a blood cancer ( Follicular lymphoma) and a respiratory condition (Bronchiectasis) and the NHS have written to me to tell me I need to “shield” for 12 weeks as each of the conditions means I am in the “at risk group.

It’s fine telling me to do this, which of course I am doing as I am a socially responsible person, but it means I have to stop working, I am self-employed and so I don’t get anything when I don’t work.

I don’t claim any welfare benefits and although chancellor has announced financial help for the self-employed it’s going to be at least June before I see any money from this scheme. So I have to go down the benefits route.

Started ok, I put all my details in, verified my identity on the gov.uk website and gave them all the information that they asked for. Then they asked if I had a partner, to which I said I did, so she had to make a joint claim with me, she input all her details and then came to verify her ID, she doesn’t drive so she doesn’t have a licence, this meant she can only use 1 of the ID verification services.. digidentity.. so she uploaded everything yesterday, was told it would take 1hr 10, mins to verify her

That then changed to 2 hours 45 mins and stayed like that for 6 hours until, it came time for us to go to bed, so we logged off for the night, Logged on again this morning to be told 2 hour 30 mins, then 2 hours 45 mins, then after 6 hours waiting it increased to 3 hour 40 mins, then after another 2 hours waiting it increased again to over 6 hours waiting time :/

ID verify

Making it easier they said… yeah right

Steve Woodmore

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