Beating cancer and avoiding snakeoil

Follicular Lymphoma

I have cancer, Follicular Lymphoma ( Non Hodkins Lymphoma or NHL) I am stage 3A I have fought and beaten this cancer back to remission 3 times now and am currently on chemotherapy fighting it once again.

My cancer is currently incurable only treatable with the treatment aiming to knock it back into remission and keep it there for as long a possible.

I often research my cancer online and I am a member of several Facebook groups that are NHL (Non Hodgkins Lymphoma) centric.

Every now and again I come across people who claim they have had cancer of various sorts including NHL and have beaten it but not by conventional methods but by giving up #chemotherapy and “normal” treatment and have opted to use ‘natural’ methods instead.
I also note that when you follow the links to these people they usually end up at a website selling some weird herb and claiming it cures every known disease and illness with rating and recommendations backed up by “doctors” who seem to have gotten their medical degrees
from extremely dubious sources.
The other type are the ones that offer to tell you their story of their cure and you follow their link to end up at a blog or a website behind a paywall.
To me these people are nothing more than “snake oil” sellers preying on the vulnerability and dare I say it gullibility of others.
Yet people appear to flock to them in droves and are happy to part with their money.

I find it very strange people would rather spend their money on unproven cures than those based on scientific research and a track record of success.

I have fought and beaten cancer back to remission 3 times before and I am currently on Chemo battling it again.
I have a story about my fight but I am not selling it, I will happily give it away for free to anyone that is walking the same path, I blog about it on my blog at


I blog about lots of other things as well, mostly boring but I do talk about my cancer, the issues and what I do to help myself.

I am genuine, I have cancer and I am not trying to sell anyone any snake oil or a miracle cure, but if you really want to know how a real person fights this disease then follow me, I’ll give you for free what other are charging a fortune for.

You don’t have cancer so this doesn’t interest you? well here’s a fact 1 in every 2 people is likely to get cancer in their lifetime.

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