Back to the chemotherapy suite

I start my rituximab (rituxan) session tomorrow in the hospital chemotherapy suite.

I am NOT looking forward to this one little bit.

This is once a week for the next 6 months and the first session is always the worst because they test what speed is the best for you.

This involves starting at the slowest rate then increasing it every 30 mins until max, if at any point I have an allergic reaction to it then they drop back to the rate prior to the one that gave me the reaction,  I usually react at about 400ml/hr it’s going to be a long arsed old day 8-10 hours.

My reaction is usually that I pant with very short breaths like I am fighting for breath, which I guess I am and I sweat like crazy, they stop the infusion pump me full of piriton and stick me on oxygen still it passes.

Oh and it makes me feel really, really ill.

Nope, really not looking forward to this at all

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