Back on the Lenalidomide (Revlimid)

Photo of assorted tablets

I have just had a call from the hospital, they want me to try again with the lenalidomide ( Revlimid ) but at a different rate.

They want me to go onto the same dose 20mg but every other day instead of daily and the minute I feel any issues I am to stop taking it. If I react to it badly then they will go to a lower 10mg dose.

The Doctor also said that I was getting some clexane sent to me with are syringes pre filled with an anti coagulant and I was to stop taking Aspirin when I start taking the clexane.

I also start on Rituximab ( Rituxan ) next week which is a monoclonal anti body, this is given in the cancer treatment suite at the Hospital which will be weekly for the next 6 months.

I normally react quite badly to th first 2 infusions of Rituxan so I am not looking forward to that, I am also hoping and hoping that I won’t have a reaction to the lenalidomide because A: It makes me look and feel absolutely awful and puts me in hospital and B: I really need this medication to work as it put me into remission last time I took it.

The Doctors I might add are at a loss to as to why I have reacted to it this time when previously I have also tolerated it.

Oh well, lets see what the future brings.

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