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Editing in audition

Partly due to my cancer and partly due to my bronchiectasis my voice has a lot of issues and I make a lot of involuntary noises I am don’t even aware off, lots of little chirps, splutters, coughs and worst of all I gasp when I breathe in.

Speech impairment

These little noises I make are permanent and I class them as a speech impairment and they have caused me to lose confidence in my voice and my public speaking.

I am used to them now but I know others who hear me aren’t and some even find them a little off-putting, well I can’t do much about my “live” voice, but thanks to a 6 month college course and several online courses I am now proficient in audio Editing and using DAWS (Digital Audio Workstations) in particular Adobe Audition.

Only when I hear myself talking back from a recording is it noticeable to me . This means I am now capable of using very powerful audio Editing software to tidy up my voice to enable me to feel happy about broadcasting it.


At first I found it quite daunting and very hard to get my head around the complexities of audio Editing, but I got there.
In the clip shown in this post I have some of my audio in the editor and I looking for when I breathe in and give that little gasp, if you have your sound on you can hear it, once I have it, I highlight it and reduce the sound to nothing with the silence effect.

This little gasp only lasts around 0.25/sec and once it has been silenced you don’t eben know I have done it when you are watching the video.

What you are seeing is the waveform of my voice, what it looks like in the software, now here’s the thing, I have started to “see” my voice defaults as well as hear them. I have seen the waveforms of these little problems so many times now I can see when they are on the sound track before I even hear them just by their waveforms. Having this new ability has actually halved the time it now takes me to edit an audio file because now I don’t need to listen to the whole file to find these “defects” instead I can just speed through it visually at twice the speed I would listen to it at and I am able to easily spot a defect and remove it.

Just thought I’d share that with you.

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