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Again made for users or rather potential users of DaVinci Resolve. Running a group called U.K. Dash Cam footage ukdcf.com with over 66,000 members means (I hope) there is some demand for a simple and easy way to edit dashcam clips before showing them off.

The camera makers normally bundle some software with the cameras but this is basic software mainly built around trimming clips down. Sometimes you need to either highlight things, an example might be someone using a mobile while driving, that aren’t immediately obvious to the viewer, sometimes you might want to do the exact opposite and blur a face or a licence plate. You might even want to produce a more “polished dash cam clip, and why not? a clip with an intro, outro and titles is actually more interesting to people that one without. You might also need to explain the circumstances around an incident or even “bleep” out your potty mouth.

The reasons for editing are many and varied, myself I am dedicated Adobe Premier and After effects man, but these are commercial and expensive packages and really only purchased but industry professionals or people like me that have a serious interest in video post production. So if I love Adobe so much why aren’t doing tutorials on those programs? ah but I will be, they are currently in the works I have plans to do tutorials on Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, Premier and after effects but right now I am using resolve for several reasons the main is because it’s FREE, absolutely and totally free and not crippled in anyway, it comes in 3 versions, Windows IOS and LInux and all the version look and feel exactly the same.

Also it helps me to “polish” my own editing and post-production flow, like I said, adobe products are for the more “pro” end of the market and if I am going to do tutorials on them then my tutorials need to reflect this.

Right now i am still in the early stages of getting everything up and running but I know that if I really want to make a living at this then I have to release video on a regular schedule for people not piecemeal as I am doing at the moment, but my illness has a lot to do with that and I can’t give this the full attention it needs at the moment whilst i am having chemotherapy, besides a lot of the time the drugs make me feel awful and I don’t really feel like doing much.

Let’s face it 2020 has been a shit year on many levels, it has for me, not only has covid forced me to give up work but my cancer came back a lot sooner than expected. On the upside my Chemo ends in December and I am starting to notice a few of my symptoms have gradually decreased so that’s good and I have attempted a new career in tutorial production, so lets see how it all goes.

Onward and upwards as they say.

You can download Resolve here


Steve Woodmore

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