Another busy day

person holding canon dslr camera close up photo

Once again, it’s been another busy day in the editing studio


I have managed to achieve several things today including finishing another video project that has been on my to do List for about two weeks now.

I have recorded, edited and just uploaded a new fast-talking video, something I have not done for a few years.

video titles

I have also made a number video titles for some dash cam footage I have uploaded to the dash Cam footage group (UKDCF.COM)

The videos don’t actually need titles, but I see this as practise because I need to make titles for my own videos that are going on YouTube because I do not want to rely on anybody else, I want to be able to create every aspect of my videos myself.

The charge of the light brigade

This is the opening title I made for the fast talking video. I didn’t exactly create it all myself from scratch I used an after effects template that I got from a company called titleboxx and then edited the text layers to what I wanted to say.

This is the closing title or end credits that I did on videoze it’s just to advertise my YouTube channel.

Dash Cam footage titles

This title I made for a friend of mines clip who asked for something to do with trucking, this was made on videoze.

This title is for clip where the driver signalled right but turn left. This was done with an after effects template in after effects

This title is for a clip of an idiot doing a wheelie on an electric scooter on a main road

And this clip made in after effects is for Sunday driver who just made a meal out of such a simple thing as passing other cars

Once it’s written down

seeing it written down like this it really doesn’t seem like a lot of work but this has actually been a good 10 hours work that I put into doing all of these things today it really doesn’t seem like it now but all of these things have taken up my entire day.

I guess this is the price I must pay to practise

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