After lock-down road trip – part 1.

A short drive through the New Forest.

It’s been 15 long months, probably the longest 15 months of my life.

Now that lockdown is coming to an end we decided to take short 4 day break on the Isle-of-Wight, there is no way I am healthy enough to even think about going abroad for the rest of 2021 so a break in the U.K. was our only option.

We chose the week before a bank holiday weekend and school half term week because we knew it would be quiet. I also chose to cross via the Lymington to Yarmouth Ferry route as the drive to the ferry terminal through the New Forest is quite a pretty drive.

Living in the London suburbs I don’t get to see as much of the U.K’s beautiful countryside as I should and this drive is just so refreshing from seeing grey and concrete. As well as the scenery you also get what I call “big sky” here in town which ever way I look there is a building so you don’t get to see as much sky as you do here where there are no buildings to obstruct your view.
Seeing the flat heathland, the heather, the wild ponies and cattle just re-enforced what a diverse and beautiful place the U.K. is.
If you look closely you can see my partner pointing out the ponies.

If you live out in the countryside this won’t be exciting for you, but for me living in the suburbs of London and having spent the last 15 months “shielding” (I have a blood cancer) and pretty much staring at the same 4 walls this has been a real breath of fresh air on so many levels.
I’m told I had a massive grin on my face as we drive through.

A nice peaceful relaxing short trip through the New Forest for you to also enjoy.

Filmed on a Viofo A129 pro duo 4K dashcam

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